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henry hudson explorer biography

UN international organization established on October 24, Biography, timeline and voyages of 17th century mariner, explorer and adventurer, Henry Hudson and his search for the Northeast Passage and Northwest Passage. Kids learn about the biography and life of explorer Henry Hudson. Explored North America searching for the Northwest Passage. He reached what is known today as Mauritius estuary on September 3.

Henry Hudsonborn c. A rivera straitand a bay in North America are named for him. Several Hudsons were associated with his sponsors, the Muscovy Company of Londona generation before his own time. Henry Hudson may have been present on that occasion and consequently developed a lifelong interest in Arctic exploration.

It is certain that he was well informed about Arctic geography and that his competence as a navigator was such that two wealthy companies chose him to conduct hazardous explorations. On reaching the edge of the polar ice packhe followed it east until he reached the Svalbard Spitsbergen archipelago. From there he extended explorations made earlier by the 16th-century Dutch navigator Willem Barentswho had also sought a Northeast Passage to Asia. On April 22,the Muscovy Company again sent Hudson to seek a Northeast Passage, this time between Svalbard and the islands of Novaya Zemlyawhich lie to the east of the Barents Sea.

Finding his way again blocked by ice fields, he returned to England in August. Shortly after his return, Hudson was lured to Amsterdam to undertake a third northeast voyage under contract to the Dutch East India Company.

While there, he heard reports of two possible channels to the Pacific across North America. Although his interest in a Northwest Passage had been aroused, Hudson agreed to return directly to Holland if his northeast voyage should prove unsuccessful. Hudson sailed from Holland in the Half Moon on April 6, When head winds and storms forced him to abandon his northeast voyage, he ignored his henry hudson explorer biography and proposed to the crew that they should instead seek the Northwest Passage.

While cruising along the Atlantic henry hudson explorer biography, Hudson put into the majestic henry hudson explorer biography encountered by the Florentine navigator Giovanni da Verrazzano inwhich was thenceforth to be known as the Hudson.

After ascending it for about miles km to the vicinity of what is now AlbanyNew York, Hudson concluded that the river did not lead to the Pacific. During his survey of the region, Hudson passed within miles km of a party led by French explorer Samuel de Champlainwho had ventured south from his base at Quebecbut the two groups were not aware of each other.

On his way to Holland, Hudson docked at DartmouthEngland. The English government then ordered him and the English members of his crew to desist from further explorations for other countries. His log and papers were sent to Holland, where his discoveries were soon made known.

henry hudson explorer biography

This phenomenon suggested that a great body of water lay beyond the strait. Hudson was confident that it was the Pacific Ocean.

henry hudson explorer biography

Finding himself in James Bay at the southernmost extremity of Hudson Bay and with no outlet to the Pacific to be found, Hudson cruised aimlessly until winter overtook him. In the close confinement of an Arctic winter, quarrels arose. Hudson angered one of his crew, Henry Green, by first giving him a gray henry hudson explorer biography and then, when Green displeased him, taking it back and giving it to another.

Robert Juet, the mate, had been demoted, and he conspired with Green and others to mutiny. Once the homeward voyage had begun, the mutineers seized Hudson, his son, and seven others, casting them adrift in Hudson Bay in a small open boat on June 22, Although the Discovery sailed henry hudson explorer biography to England, neither of the ringleaders returned with her, having been killed, together with several others, in a fight with Eskimos. No more was ever heard of Hudson and his small party, although in to another explorer found the ruins of a shelter, possibly erected by the castaways.

As a commander, Hudson was more headstrong than courageous. He violated his agreement with the Dutch and failed to suppress the mutiny. He played favourites and let morale suffer. In James Bay he appeared irresolute.

Yet Hudson undertook four dangerous voyages, brought his crew through an Arctic winter, and preserved his vessels amid the dangers of ice and unknown shores. He was a competent navigator who materially extended the henries hudson explorer biography of Verrazzano, Davis, and Barents. His contribution to geographical knowledge was great, while his discoveries formed the basis for the Dutch colonization of the Hudson River and for English claims to much of Canada.

Articles from Britannica henries hudson explorer biography for elementary and high school students. English explorer and navigator Henry Hudson made four difficult and dangerous sea voyages seeking a shortcut from Europe to the Far East.

Although he failed to find it, his adventures added greatly to knowledge of the Arctic and North America. Because of the thriving trade in spices and silk between Asia and Europe, Henry Hudson and other explorers made a number of difficult and dangerous voyages searching for a northeast or northwest passage.

Such a passage would provide a shorter, quicker way to the Pacific. Explorers sought a shortcut northward from the east coast of Europe and thence either eastward over the top of Europe and Asia or westward over the top of North America.

Hudson tried both routes. Although he did not succeed, his four voyages added greatly to knowledge of the Arctic and North America. We henry hudson explorer biography suggested improvements to any of our articles. You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind.

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henry hudson explorer biography

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