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Dr sarvepalli radhakrishnan biography in kannada 2

dr sarvepalli radhakrishnan biography in kannada

Proceedings of the Eighth Indian Philosophical Congress: Qwyrxian Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Requesting intervention about User: Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan: Dr. Hogg commended Radhakrishnan on doing an excellent job. Dr. Radhakrishnan 's "Indian Philosophy" was published. anachorism.ferroprettyuop.site. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was born on Complete biography of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan His father Sarvepalli Veeraswami was employed on a meager salary anachorism.ferroprettyuop.site sarvepalli. Number March , pp. On the same theme, why is the transliteration of his name in telugu in particular, especially as the article mentions nothing about his telugu connections?

To fill out this checklist, please add the following code to the template call:. The criticism section seems to have an agenda, and seems selective.

I dr biography in kannada that either this should be discussed at length after all, the validity of criticism should also be considered The primary issues here are: Radhakrishnan wrongly asserted universality of a certain philosophy, how does that compare with other similar scholars who have asserted universality of other philosophies.

If Radhakrishnan actively discriminated against Muslims, this aspect should be fleshed out in some detail. The way it is written seems like disgruntled opinion, rather than sarvdpalli valid criticism. A google search returns 72, pages for Sarvepalli and pages for Sarvapalli some of these seem to be derived from wikipedia!!

The article name spells it as Sarvepalli, but the first sentence and the photo caption spell it as Sarvapalli. I hv put this on the talk page to see if I'd get any plausible explanation. A biographu check for vandalism doesn't seem to suggest any, though I may be wrong. Kannafa is very good that you have mentioned about this President of India's knighthood.

A bipgraphy ridiculous link citing the opinion of ISCKON fanatics regarding the works of Dr. Radhakrishnan's work was given in the page. I have removed it and contend that it be so. Do give your opinions. Radhakrishanan who was a famous teacher and philosopher. Radhakrishanan was the most famous teacher of the time or was it so because he could be President of India?

I always wondered as to why "Teachers' day" was celebrated in schools while Radhkrishanan taught in University, never in any school. I am surprised as to how Radhakrishanan himself had not pointed out this!

In the historical era too Chankya was a mannada par excellence and Charaka and Sushruta in their branch of sr. Maybe because Nehru did not like him. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was a cosmopolitan and do we need to catogorize him as tamil, telegu or kannada. I believe every state in south india lay their claim for his legacy. Lets not do the same here in wikipedia. I have added the category people from karnataka But I realized that there already exists a tamil and telegu tag Any thoughts -- Aravind Parvatikar Hi, it doesn't matter if he fits in rwdhakrishnan categories.

For example, Babur could be taken as an Indian king as well as a persian. However, there is a subtle difference between categories such as Tamil people, Telugu people and People of Karnataka.

The first two talk more of their language rather than region where as the Karnataka category doesn't talk of language. So, I may fall under people of Karnataka, though I may not be able to speak Kannada.

Either such information to indicate his connections with Karnataka may be added or the category may be removed, if deemed inappropriate.

Based on my readings I understand he was a Tamil Iyer, Sarvepalli was a common Iyer firstname in the the tulsidas biography in hindi wikipedia 20th century in the Madras Presidency. Thus calling him a Telugu is dishonest unless there is undeniable proof of this. References are also required - Udayadithyavarman. On the same theme, why is the transliteration of his name in telugu in particular, especially as the article mentions nothing about his telugu connections?

The fact that he has signed his name as 'Radhakrishnaiah' goes to prove he is telugu. Why would his son claim to be a niyogi bramhin[a distinctly telugu subdivision] if he were not Telugu? Therefore calling him a Tamilian is an unfair move. Mr Udayadithyavarman, could you please share with us these 'readings'? The Telugu vs Tamil contention over Radhakrishnan's origins seems to flare up every now and then, with edits from IPs switching claims back and forth.

This is tiresome and tends to destabilize the page. It seems desirable to get this issue reliably sourced and fully stabilized, if possible. To that radhakrsihnan, I have obtained a hardcopy of the following source:. It contains the following statement publishedduring Radhakrishnan's lifetime page If this can be regarded as a reliable source, then it would seem that the Telugu attribution is correct Disclosure: I am non-Indian and have no stake in this contentiousness.

That corresponds to what is currently claimed in the article, although it is attributed to "Telugu One", which does not seem a neutral source. Can we regard this book as more neutral, and add it as an additional and perhaps preferable source for the attribution of Telugu ethnicity?

It seems to me it could also be useful radhakrisbnan cite it in a sentence or two explaining the "sources of confusion" about his ethnicity, as explained in the dr biography in kannada passage as due to his name. What do people think?

As he was knighted before independence,'Sir' has to be added before his name. From what I have read, he stopped using 'Sir' once India gained independence.

Instead he used Dr. I believe he didn't use Sir as a sign of India's independence from the UK. Since he didn't use it, it should not be added to his name. In general, when it comes to someone's name, the dr biography in kannada to be used is the one the person uses used.

It should, of course, be noted that he was knighted in his biography, but if he didn't use 'Sir', then we shouldn't.

I noticed that this article is marked with a tag that its neutrality or factuality is disputed, however there is no dr biography in kannada on the talk page specifying the particular objections. Can someone familiar with the article history, clarify what the main issues are, or else remove the tag? This article was automatically assessed because at least one WikiProject had rated the article as start, and the rating on other projects was brought up to start class. My family supposedly claims to be related to both Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and the later President R.

Apparently, Radhakrishnan's mother and Venkataraman's mother were sisters. Is this true and was Radhakrishnan in any way related to R.

dr sarvepalli radhakrishnan biography in kannada

If it is, I think it should be noted in the article. There is no information about at what age and when Radha Krishnan got married and whom he was radhakrihnan to. I think this is important to be put in this article.

Lokesh talk Is it normal to have so many categories here.

Srinivasa was dr biography in kannada for Cambridge for studies and had come to seek Radhakrishnan's blessings because a goddess came in his dream and told him to do so before undertaking the trip.

The two never met again. This meeting with Ramanujam does not seem to fit in the career section. Seems more like trivia. This information in not in the article. Did he just dr biography in kannada the population in poverty and continued to radhakrsihnan about philosophy and religion?

The large number of categories is a consequence of the article being of interest to many wikiprojects and workgroups. Radhakrishnan was an important figure of Indian struggle for independence as well as being a brilliant scholar. After India achieved independence he never used the title 'Sir' but always Dr.

Using the title 'Sir' is therefore both contrary to his wishes and shows inappropriate deference to those foreign conquerers against whom India waged a bitter struggle to achieve her liberation Should this be "Teachers' Day" as in the dr biography in kannada of the WP article on the day worldwide?

I presume this day in India is to celebrate all teachers, not just Radhakrishnan. Colonies Chris talk There seems to be a sporadic but continued effort by some IPs biiography mis-spell his name as "Radhakrishna" or in other ways rather than "Radhakrishnan". Please help revert these IP changes so that the page can be properly maintained without a single editor e.

To make it perfectly transparent why the name is spelled "Radhakrishnan" at least in English, which is the language of this Wikipediaconsider these two Google book searches:.

IPs should be warned, and probably blocked if they persist in mis-spelling his name. I think it is not about number of search results google is returning. Since Sir Radhakrishna is from Telugu family his name should be spelled as Radhakrishna not Radhakrishnan which is a Tamil name.

I think somebody has made a mistake and it has been continued till now. I believe this issue should be taken seriously and resolved ASAP. Does the Bharat Ratna have postnominal letters?

I don't believe that any awards in the Indian honours system have postnominal letters at all. I have shortened the lead. The lead should summarise the article, and be neutral. The previous lead did not "adequately summarize Dr Radhakrishnan's contribution", but give a WP: Joshua Jonathan - Let's talk! Qwyrxian Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Requesting intervention about User: Joshua Jonathan 's edits, Please see this first the information was removed because he said that words used to describe are peacock words click hereI have restored the content providing sources which use the exact words as on the article and these words have been on the article for couple of years?

He undoes my edits and gives sarveppalli a warning template when I have provided sources, so I in turn gave him a warning template and reverted them back. Please see this he says he adds notes but deletes information, also the citation needed tag was probably added by him as they are november radhakrihnan later simply deletes information.

Here he moves criticism section above awards and honors section so it is more sarvpealli, motive seems - show the personality in ,annada light my point of view. For articles that rwdhakrishnan not well-developed dr biography in kannada this oneit often happens that the lead is written to present a summary view of the subject rather than the inadequate article.

The way to handle this is to improve the article, not diminish the lede.

dr sarvepalli radhakrishnan biography in kannada

If there are sourcing or dr biography in kannada issues, those should be handelable. Secondly awards and honors like the Bharat Biographhyknighthood, and Teacher's Day celebration definitely belong in the lede less sure of the Templeton Prizeeven if they are not expanded upon in the main text since they are important aspects of the subject. In short,the longer lede is IMO far superior to the shortened version. That does not mean that it cannot have issues, kannasa be improved. Can we discuss specific suggestions on how the lede should be changed here?

LEDE "The dr biography in kannada should be able to stand alone as a concise overview. It should define the topic, establish context, explain why the topic is notable, and summarize the most important points—including any prominent controversies. And the solution is to better develop the article; not worsen the lede to match the poorly developed article. I am not sure how to sttle this impasse though.

I do agree with you that the lede needs to be verifiable, and will look for sources on the topic. But as I said above, it may take me a few days to get to it due to off-wiki and on-wiki obligations. But in any case I am sure there are better sources than IEP. Nor would it be possible to find a more excellent example of a living "bridge" between the East and the West than Professor Radhakrishnan.

Steeped, as Radhakrishnan has been since his childhood, in the life, traditions,and philosophical heritage of his native India,he has also struck deep roots in Western philosophy, which he has been studying tirelessly ever since his undergraduate college-days in Madras Christian College, and in which he is as thoroughly at home as any Western philosopher. As said above, he is a synthesizer of the old and new and of the East and West.

He has justly been called the "philosophical bilinguist", a "bridge builder", and a "liason officer" dr biography in kannada the East and the West. Sir Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan is widely acknowledged as the greatest living Indian philosopher. At the same timehe has contributed more powerfully than perhaps any other Asiatic to the immensely important undertaking of creating a synthesis between Eastern and Western thought.

He often appears to oannada at home in the Indian as well as the Western philosophical contexts, and draws from both Western and Indian sources throughout his writing. Because of this, Radhakrishnan has been held up in academic circles as a representative of Hinduism to the West.

The blending, bridge-buidling, and, as some have argued, blurring, of the East West philosophical traditions is a defining feature of SR's writings and philosophy and something the article should include in the lede, and also expand upon in the main-text eventually. Reply by JJ - Hi Abecedare. I think your response shows a nice nuance, which at least for me shows a way to "settle this impasse": That's different form "he is".

On the matter of authoritativeness there are also other opinions:. So, I think that my sentence "Radhakrishnan was one of India's most influential and honoured scholars on India's religious and radhamrishnan tradition, offering a modern radhakrkshnan of them.

The criticism has been left out in this sentence yes, an accommodation to the status he's got for dr biographies in kannada peoplebut the hagiographic undertones are also left out. Or, if I take the sentences which are now in the lead and edit them:.

I found another book-reference ysterday which also mentions him together with other scholars, and justifies the statement "one of the best scholars"; unfortunately I didn't copy the link I just notice this "authoritative exegeses". That's a subtle one! His works, or some of them, are indeed exegesesnot objective scholarly studies, at least not all of them. That's a subtle nuance.

To whom are they "authoritative"? It suggests "academical authoritative", while the exegetical works were authoritative for the Indian cause and for western spiritual seekers. You see, it's probably these nuances which trigger me. There's a very subtle rhetoric in it, and that's why I called it "peacock".

His academical credentials are used to lend credibility to his political and spiritual views, and these are not uncontroversial. It's a kind of WP: It's raadhakrishnan that there are different opinions on him. I think these should be contextualized in the article, which means describing his academic career covered, isn't it? I think that this link between India's independence and his philosophy is the crucial part: Maybe the positive appraisal could be mentioned in a separate section on his influence, together with some of the criticism.

I've xarvepalli a break, separated the Teacher's Day from the awards. To my feeling, this is somewhat different form the academical awards actually, it's important, but that's my feeling; education is very important. It makes the list shorter. I've integrated the extended info into the bullit-list, so the section is a whole now. It's specific info which belongs in the article itself and is also there ; also, but that's my personal feeling, it's an awful sentence.

And it gives undue weight to the Templeton Prize. I'd never heard of it. See Templeton Prize for some more examples of this kind of language, and for some critical remarks. Anyway, thanks for your balanced and friendly reply; I know I get a little heated in such discussions, so I appreciate the balance and calm radhakrihnan in by people like you and Qwyrxian.

Radhamrishnan regards, Joshua Jonathan - Let's talk! The current lede to the article is pretty unbalanced and poorly written:. The previous version of the lede, while certainly improvable, was superior to the current version in my opinion and easily verifiable as shown by the quotations I listed above. Schillp looks fine to me, but then I would like to suggest to paraphrase him, instead of simply using him to reference the contested sentence. This is a very sensitive biographyy, which deserves a careful treatment and needs a context.

The criticism of Mazumdar and Kaiwar has been contextualised by the introductory words of King at least, I tried soand Rinehart denies a straight connection between neo-Vedanta and radicalism:. I hope I have been careful enough. I may assume that the article is no longer "Start-class"? The notion of "religious experience" can be traced back kannasa William Jameswho used a term called "religious experience" in his book, The Varieties of Religious Experience.

While Kant held that moral experience justified religious beliefsJohn Wesley in addition to stressing dr biography in kannada moral exertion thought that the religious experiences in the Methodist movement paralleling the Romantic Movement were foundational to religious commitment as a way of life.

The notion of "religious experience" was used by Schleiermacher and Albert Ritschl to defend religion against the growing scientific and secular citique, and defend the view that human moral and religious experience justifies religious beliefs.

Note that the above observations are not intentioned as a criticism in the sense of why-were-these-edits-made? A further comment on the sources: If such sources and associated content are excluded from the article, it will likely be less unbalanced and better focused on the central subject ie, Radhkrishnan and his workespecially since there is absolutely kanbada shortage of sources in this area to be clear, not proposing this as a general "rule"; just a editorial suggestion Abecedare talk De, Biograpyh Hiriyanna, P.

Radhakrishnan, Venkata Raghavan, C. Sukthankar, are the first in a long and distinguished list from across India. I am not a dr biography in kannada fighter.

I am a bona fiderecognised scholar of Indian religions. In I was invited to address the SSEASR South and Southeast Asian Association for the Study of Culture and Religiona regional conference of the IAHR The International Association for the History of Religions which is a directive of UNESCO.

I was personally invited by Professor I Wayan Rai, the Rector of Institut Seni Indonesia; Dr Amarjiva Lochan, the President of SSEASR and Prof. I BG Yudha Triguna the Rector of Universitas Hindu Indonesia. My work in Buddhism which has been described by Dr Tony Page, a leading scholar of the Maha Paranibbana Sutra as 'excellent' has been translated into Mandarin, Burmese and Thai. In I was asked to dr biography in kannada a book by the Abbot of Aruna Ratanagiri Monastery, Ajahn Munindo, which was published to acclaim in I walk the talk and know what I am talking about.

You don't use words like 'best' in a scholarly article for an encyclopedia. Sheldon Pollack's article is not a scholarly monograph but a reflection on the dire state of Indological studies in India.

Believe me, nobody zarvepalli and respects Dr Radhakrishnan more than I do. I am one of the original authors of this article. I have radhakrishjan copy of all Radhakrishnan's major works in my library.

But I also know what the dr biographies in kannada of scholarly etiquette are. It biogrraphy what wikipedia calls POV. It is not our job to issue such evaluations. Personally speaking, I not only regard Radhakrishnan as one of the most important scholars of comparative religion of the twentieth century, I regard him as one of the greatest dr biography in kannada beings of the twentieth century - a model human being that we can all learn from.

So please don't attribute motives to me that aren't there. It was just given as an aside under juan ponce de leon biography career" Same thing with being Vice president.

While I know that the de facto top job in India is Prime Minister, The President is important too. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan article. This is not a forum for general discussion of the article's subject.

dr sarvepalli radhakrishnan biography in kannada

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